Philadelphia is one of the greatest hip hop cities in the world. Unfortunately we have long been overshadowed by our neighbor to the north and rap powerhouse New York City. But Philly has produced and continues to produce some of the most talented artists in the Hip Hop industry. PhillyRap is a news source/social media website designed to bring the Philly Rap & Hip Hop community together.

Some of the other features on PhillyRap include:
• The PhillyRap Hip Hop Artist Directory
The PhillyRap Hall of Fame
General News from the Philadelphia Hip Hop Scene
PhillyRap Artist of the Month
PhillyRap CD/Mixtape Reviews
PhillyRap Jam of the Week
PhillyRap Throwback Jam of the Week

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact PhillyRap.

Get Connected With Others In The Philly Hip Hop Community

PhillyRap provides Philly Rappers, Producers, Singers and Hip Hop fans with a platform to stay up to date on the latest Philly Rap news and communicate with others in the Philly Hip Hop community.

Please see PhillyRap’s Forums section to get connected to others in the Philly Rap community. These forums provide a location to topics relevant to the Philly Hip Hop scene. These forums can also be used to connect with others in Philly Rap community for collaborative efforts.

Also, check out our Groups section to connect with those in the Philly Hip Hop community with shared interests.

Get Your Music Promoted on PhillyRap

One of the primary goals of PhillyRap is to help unknown Philly Rappers get their music out to large audiences.

Growing up, the creator of PhillyRap, Slim Charles, had several friends attempting to pursue careers in rap. Slim noticed during his youth that Rappers had to have some name recognition to do anything in the Rap industry. The problem is that it can be difficult for artists to get their work out to the Philly Hip Hop community. Record companies and others in the industry were just not interested in taking the time to listen to a mixtape from an artist they had never heard of and that lacked street buzz.

PhillyRap provides a solution to both of these problems!


Through PhillyRap, artists (and Hip Hop fans) can create a profile and upload their own music to share with the rest of the PhillyRap community. This is the first step for any Philly Rapper who wants to improve their name recognition in the Rap industry. Also, by allowing members to share their own music, PhillyRap provides a direct pipeline for Philly Hip Hop artists to share their music with those who matter most – hip hop fans.

In addition to allowing Philly Rap artists to share and promote their own music, PhillyRap is also dedicated to helping aspiring Philly Rappers get their music noticed. To do this, we will write article reviews and give shout outs to tracks and mixtapes submitted by PhillyRap members to SlimCharles@PhillyRap.com.

Of course not all tracks submitted will be reviewed or given a shout out, but if the track/mix tape is hot, PhillyRap would love to help promote the music.

Please read more about getting your music promoted on our Get Your Music Heard page.


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