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Cassidy vs Dizaster Rap Battle Ends Before Battle is Finished

Cassidy vs Dizaster Battle Rap

Cassidy vs Dizaster Battle Rap

The much anticipated “battle of the year” between Cassidy and Dizaster was set for Saturday December 6, 2014. The battle was streamed online as a pay per view event.

Cassidy is the Philly rap battle champ. He grew up in a time where rappers did not gain respect by the music they posted on facebook, but instead by battling other rappers.

Dizaster is one of the main rappers in the rap battle scene. I must say that prior to this battle, I didn’t know much about Dizaster or the battle rap scene.

Battle rap has become increasingly popular in today’s culture. Rappers face off against each other, with no beat, for 3 rounds. This battle rap format has become increasingly popular across the country.

I watched some of the Dizaster’s battles before the fight. He can spit – that’s for sure. He is a true battle rapper. But I also learned that this new generation of battle rappers are different from what we saw in the past. In the past, MCs would battle to show their skill in different areas of rap. These new battle rappers, however, are not MCs – they are battle rappers.

The difference between an MC and a battle rapper is this: MCs can battle, but can also do a lot more. MCs are talented musicians who have an array of talents. These battle rappers can only battle. They lack the musical talent that MCs have.

To bring more attention to the battle rap scene, investors decided to pay Cassidy, the mainstream battle champion, $250,000 to battle Dizaster. Other mainstream rappers have participated in battles against battle rappers to no success. Joe Budden was defeated by a battle rapper Hollow Da Don. And Canibus was defeated by Dizaster.

But Cassidy is different. Not only does he have experience in the battle rap scene he also has his reputation to protect. Cassidy prides himself on being one of the best battle rappers ever. Having made these repeated claims, he has his pride to protect.

The battle started with commotion. There appeared to be an issue getting people off the stage. The show’s host was going nuts, yelling at people to get off the stage or the fire marshal was going to shut down the show.

Eventually, people got off the stage and the battle began. Cassidy chose to spit first. And Cass did what he does best – spit hot fire. He came with punchlines and metaphors just like the old days. It was good to see that Cass came ready to battle.

Dizaster spit second, and honestly, I was very disappointed. He rapped mostly about how Cass claims to be one of the originators of battle rap, but there is not video evidence (other than the Freeway battle) to confirm his claims.

To me, this seemed dumb. If the goal of bringing Cassidy on is to attract rap fans who are not also fans of the battle rap scene, why talk about Cass in a way that only true battle rap followers will agree with. Instead of focusing on spitting straight fire, with punch line after punch line, Dizaster focused on attempting to make Cassidy look like a liar due to the lack of video evidence supporting his battle champ claims.

Then Dizaster talked about Cassidy’s lack of money. When I heard this, I was like “come on bro, really.” Dizaster is getting paid around 5% what Cassidy is getting paid. Under those circumstances, why even talk about money? It just made him look bad.

After the first round, the lights were shut off and the stream shut off. Apparently the Firs Marshall shut them down. According the event’s promoters, there is a rematch scheduled for some time on Sunday December 7, 2014. PhillyRap will keep you updated on the rematch.  Watch the full battle below:

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