E. Ness

Philly Rapper Eliot Ness

E. Ness, aka Elliot Ness, is a Philly Rapper who has been one of the pioneers of the Philly Hip Hop scene.


E. Ness was introduced to the national hip hop community when he appeared on Puff Daddy’s reality TV show Da Band. E. Ness beat out 40,000 participants who tried out for one of the six spots on the show.


This show involved a group of rappers from around the country competing to earn a record deal with Puffy’s record label, Bad Boy Records. The featured memorable moments such as having the artists walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn to purchase Diddy’s favorite cheesecake. In addition, E. Ness battled New York rapper Jae Millz on the show. At the conclusion of the series, Diddy released most of the members but kept Ness on the Bad Boy label.


Since the show ended, E. Ness has flooded the streets of Philly with mix tape after mix tape. He is regarded as a legend in the Philly Hip Hop scene.

Albums by E. Ness

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